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Yoan has been invaluable in helping us to design and implement our SRE provision. From our first meeting, she has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the topic, its importance and its sensitivities. Her knowledge encompasses both the statutory and non-statutory guidelines and what best practice looks like in the busy life of a prep school.

Yoan has worked alongside staff, parents and children to design tailored workshops appropriate for our pupils’ needs. Her professional, yet warm approach has inspired confidence every step of the way.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Yoan’s services to any school looking to ensure that their SRE provision is of the highest possible standard for their pupils.

Mrs Laura Fry, Head of PSHE, Hilden Grange Prep School

Teaching Lifeskills has made a tremendously important impact at Sevenoaks Prep School. As the culture of the world we live in evolves at a phenomenal rate, it is vital that the education of our children evolves to meet their present and future needs, especially in the context of sex and relationship education. Teaching Lifeskills, headed, developed and delivered by Yoan Reed, has responded to that need superbly, enabling our children to question, to learn and to share opinion without embarrassment, awkwardness or fear.

This atmosphere of openness is created by Yoan. Boundaries for the sessions are set in advance, with guidance, by the children themselves. The children are given the opportunity to say what they want to learn and then, taking into account their age and maturity, Yoan puts together a program of content designed to respond to their desire to know.

The delivery of the material is excellent. Boundaries are established and maintained. Diverse and interesting teaching methods are used. Some activities are gender-specific; others suitably keep the boys and girls together. Every session has kept our children interested, engaged and well-informed.

Crucially, parents and guardians are kept informed of the course timings and content. Yoan very much encourages open dialogue within the family home about the topics that are to be taught in school. The openness of communication, she believes, serves the child well if it is consistent both in the school and in the home.

Bringing Teaching Lifeskills to Sevenoaks Prep has been an extremely positive experience. Our pupils, parents and staff have all been impressed by, and grateful for, the impact that it has made.

Luke Harrison, Headmaster, Sevenoaks Prep. School, Sevenoaks

The Teaching Lifeskills seminar I attended was thought provoking, challenging me to think about my approach to parenting in a supportive environment. The mix of presentation and group work felt like a great balance between receiving information and having the space to discuss new ideas. I felt more able to see the world from my daughter’s perspective and more equipped to help her navigate it successfully.

Philippa Porter, Parent of three, Sevenoaks

It was quite apparent from the outset that we had “hit the jackpot” in terms of securing a team who found the measure of our children so readily, and communicated through to them such valuable information in such an age appropriate and sensitive manner. Thank you!

Duncan Sinclair, Former Head of PSHE, St. Michael’s School, Otford

Before the Lifeskills sessions started I felt very excited but also a bit embarrassed because I wasn’t sure what we were going to learn about. I didn’t want it to be awkward because that would result in it not being very enjoyable. But as the sessions got going I began to feel more comfortable. The lessons were very well planned and we did some good activities. I now feel more knowledgeable and much more confident about the topics. I think I have really benefitted from the sessions and would like to have them again.

I was very pleased when I found out that we as a year group got to chose what we wanted to learn about in SRE. I really enjoyed the way we were taught, using lots of interactive ways of learning. I now feel more confident and more knowledgeable about my body and more confident about the topics we studied. I am glad that we had these Lifeskills sessions because they will be very helpful in later life.

I feel that I have learned a lot about various topics (in SRE) and that I am prepared for the future. The sessions were interesting because we could find out about other people’s opinions and values. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and appropriate language not just to help me in relationships but also to stand up for myself under peer pressure.

Year 8 students, Marlborough House School, Hawkhust

As a parent, I found that the information given to me prior to the SRE lessons was extremely useful and interesting and it also gave me the chance to prepare for any tricky questions that may arise at home. I found Yoan and Lisa very approachable for any matters that I had concerns abut or thought needed discussion. I know that the children also got a lot out of these sessions.

Nikki, Parent at Sevenoaks Prep School, Sevenoaks

Lisa Nix and Yoan Reed came to Russell House last year to work with our year 6 pupils. They were highly professional and related extremely well to the children. The feedback was very positive from both children and parents. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Mrs Alison Cooke, Former Headmistress, Russell House School, Kent

I just had to share with you that on the way home from school today my youngest son started commenting on the fact he just did not understand why boys could not have babies. It was such perfect timing.

We got home and I pulled up a kid friendly reproductive diagram and explained to him the relevant body parts and exactly how the sperm meets the egg. He was so interested and full of questions like “when does a girl have the right kind of eggs?”, “is it the same for dogs?” and “what about turtles – how could the penis get through a turtle shell?” Just great. After about a half hour he asked me the specifics of how our daughter, who was stillborn, died…. and then he just asked for an apple and cheese sandwich and if he could watch I Carly for awhile. It was so natural and good to tell him that he can always talk about this and any other topic with me.

I had come to your seminar thinking I needed to get myself up to speed on helping my teenaged daughters and instead first up was my nine year old son!! Thank you, Yoan and Lisa, for giving me the tools to talk to my son so openly and positively. I loved sharing the information with him and establishing that line of communication.

I wanted you to know what a difference you make in this world. THANK YOU!!!!

Kelly, Mother of three, Sevenoaks

The most important thing I learned today is that I now understand the consequences of sex better and that you should feel safe and ready when you have sex. The lesson involved everyone and the discussion were very inclusive…

Year 10 student , Sevenoaks