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Bringing Relationships and Sexual Health Education to children and young people

Teaching Lifeskills support schools and families with SRE programmes that equip children and young people with knowledge and skills relating to Sex and Relationship Education

Every child and every school are different. Effective and age-appropriate SRE is a reflection of a careful and considered approach through consultation with school management and Head of PSHE, to understand the ethos of the educational setting, its wider community, and to identify opportunities in the curriculum for delivery of SRE.

Teaching Lifeskills will assess the SRE needs of students and establish a foundation on which a programme of SRE can be tailored to the individual setting and the year groups within. Sessions are stimulating and provide a supportive learning environment in which children and young people learn to respect their own values and those of others.

We use experiential, interactive and age-appropriate teaching methods to fully engage individuals and groups in the learning process. Assessment for and of learning are based on continuous evaluation and monitoring through self- and peer assessment.

About me
I am a qualified health professional with a wide range of experience within the fields of health education/promotion. I hold university accredited certificates in “Delivering Sex and Relationship Education in the Classroom” and “Professional Development in PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)”.

I am currently completing MA in International Child Studies at King’s College London.

I am passionate about the importance of delivering the complex subject of SRE effectively and comprehensively using experiential learning methods and reflective models of practice. My enthusiasm for wanting to provide children and young people with the appropriate tools and a greater understanding of the world as it is today, can be seen in the testimonials dotted throughout this website.

As an autonomous practitioner I strive to consult current educational legislation and best practice. My work is informed by regular CPD and through my core membership with Sex Education Forum and connections to a number of well-known organisations. I am also a mother of three sons.