Bringing Relationships and Sex Education to children and young people

Committed to working in partnership with educational establishments to improve the quality of Comprehensive Relationships and Sexuality Education operating in the UK and internationally


Expert consultancy delivering bespoke services to support curricula and policy development, and training and facilitation, by combining national and international research, guidance and best practice tailored to the local context.

  • Training

    Professional development and staff training
    in achieving comprehensive and high-quality
    relationships and sex education

  • Consultation

    Ensuring effective implementation by
    consultation with key stake-holders to
    understand the needs and expectations

  • Facilitation

    Age-appropriate and high-quality education
    of children and young people via a range
    of services

  • Parental engagement

    Empowering parents in their role
    as primary relationships and sexuality

Supported Organisation

Working in partnership with leading
sexuality education authorities and thought leaders


Yoan has been invaluable in helping us to design and implement our SRE provision. From our first meeting, she has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the topic, its importance and its sensitivities. Her knowledge encompasses both the statutory and non-statutory guidelines and what best practice looks like in the busy life of a prep school

Katie Smith

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Yoan Tranholm Reed