Ensuring effective implementation by consultation with key stake-holders to understand the needs and expectations

Implementation of comprehensive relationships and sex education is underpinned by an approach with a highly qualified understanding of the subject, and a professional, positive and inclusive attitude.

  • Teenager school kids running in high school hallway

    Applying a whole school approach

    The quality of comprehensive sex and relationships education at any educational establishment rests in a successful approach to implementation. There is clear evidence that a whole school approach is paramount when aiming to achieve a coordinated and supported proposition to this value-laden subject. A whole school approach examines how students learn on a holistic level and offers a cohesive, collective and strategic perspective on comprehensive relationships and sex education and improves student learning, behaviour and wellbeing.

  • Teenager school kids running in high school hallway

    Teaching Lifeskills services facilitate a consultation process through a whole school audit engaging all key stake-holders with key elements of:

    Identifying goals and objectives

    Addressing systemic challenges

    Developing a common values framework

    Advising leadership and administrators

    Reviewing and improving policies

    Identifying gaps in curricula

    Suggestions to ensuring regulatory compliance with national and international standards

    Student needs assessment

    Upskilling staff competencies

    Parental engagement

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