Bringing Relationships and Sex Education to children and young people

Committed to working in partnership with educational establishments to improve the quality of Comprehensive Relationships and Sexuality Education operating in the UK and internationally


Expert consultancy delivering bespoke services to support curricula and policy development, training and facilitation. This is achieved by combining national and international research, guidance and best practice tailored to the local context.

  • Training

    Professional development and staff training
    in comprehensive and high-quality
    relationships and sex education

  • Consultation

    Ensuring effective implementation by
    consultation with key stake-holders to
    understand the needs and expectations

  • Facilitation

    Age-appropriate and high-quality education
    of children and young people via a range
    of services

  • Parental engagement

    Empowering parents in their role
    as primary relationships and sexuality

Supported Organisation

Working in partnership with leading
sexuality education authorities and thought leaders


  • I was so pleased when the session discussed our patient population and we were able to discuss children’s own perception of growing up, sex and sexuality. Of most value has been learning about the educational policies shaping sexuality education and familiarise myself with the resources that I can signpost to in my practice.

    Community Paediatrician

    Evelina London Community Services

  • The most important thing I learned today is that I now understand the consequences of sex better and that you should feel safe and ready when you have sex. The lesson involved everyone and the discussion were very inclusive.

    Year 10 student, Sevenoaks School


  • Thank you, for giving me the tools to talk to my son so openly and positively. I loved sharing the information with him and establishing that line of communication.

    Mother of three


  • Yoan Reed is highly professional and related extremely well to the children. The feedback was very positive from both children and parents. I have no hesitation in recommending Teaching Lifeskills.

    Russell House Preparatory School


  • As a parent, I found that the information given to me prior to the RSE lessons was extremely useful and interesting and it also gave me the chance to prepare for any tricky questions that may arise at home.

    Parent at Sevenoaks Preparatory School


  • The sessions were interesting because we could find out about other people’s opinions and values. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and appropriate language not just to help me in relationships but also to stand up for myself under peer pressure.

    Year 8 student

    Marlborough House School, Hawkhurst

  • I really enjoyed the way we were taught, using lots of interactive ways of learning. I now feel more confident and more knowledgeable about my body and more confident about the topics we studied. I am glad that we had these Lifeskills sessions because they will be very helpful in later life.

    Year 8 student

    Hilden Grange Preparatory School

  • The lessons were very well planned and we did some great activities. I now feel more knowledgeable and much more confident about the topics. I think I have really benefitted from the sessions and would like to have them again.

    Year 8 student, Rose Hill School

    Tunbridge Wells

  • It was quite apparent from the outset that we had “hit the jackpot” in terms of securing a team who found the measure of our children so readily, and communicated through to them such valuable information in such an age appropriate and sensitive manner. Thank you!

    St Michael’s Preparatory School


  • The Teaching Lifeskills seminar I attended was thought provoking, challenging me to think about my approach to parenting in a supportive environment. I felt more able to see the world from my daughter’s perspective and more equipped to help her navigate it successfully.

    Parent of three


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