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We work closely with the following organisations

Family Planning Association

FPA is a charitable organisation originally pioneering for women’s contraception. They give straightforward information, advice and support on sexual health, sex and relationships. Teaching Lifeskills currently use FPA’s literature resources aimed at children and young people.

Kent County Council  (working in association with)

A completed course run by the KCC qualified Teaching Lifeskills to work as External Providers of SRE within the county of Kent. Our Terms and Conditions, Health and Safety, and Child Protection policies are based on their formats. We are also supported by the Healthy Schools Nurses of East Kent who have recommended us to the schools within their area as an additional service provider of Sex and Relationships Education.

Sex Education Forum

The Sex Education Forum is the national authority on sex and relationships education. They represent over 90 organisations committed to improving sex and relationships education (SRE) for children and young people. As a core member of SEF Teaching Lifeskills continues to advocate for best practice in SRE and to inform legislators on the importance of making SRE and PSHE stautory subjects in the National Curriculum.

National Children’s Bureau

The National Children’s Bureau is a leading charity that for 50 years has been improving the lives of children and young people, especially the most vulnerable. They work with children and for children, to influence government policy, be a strong voice for young people and practitioners, and provide creative solutions on a range of social issues.

The PSHE Association

The PSHE Association is the subject association for all professionals working in PSHE education. They have information and resources on PSHE curriculum and offer training and advice to all their members. A large part of SRE is delivered under the umbrella of PSHEeducation.


The National PSHE CPD Programme Team

The National PSHE CPD Programme Team is made up of PSHE experts, and specialists the related areas of inclusion, behaviour, leadership & management and safeguarding. The programme is provided by Babcock Education and is a successful piece of Continued Professional Development accredited at degree level in partnership with the University of Roehampton. Over the course of an academic year, it combines practical activities and theory to provide the very best in PSHE developmental training and pedagogy.



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