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The key to high quality SRE is to ensure that it is based on needs, informed by best practice and that it is expertly delivered by highly qualified facilitators

Teaching Lifeskills offer relevant, engaging and effective approaches to SRE based on needs rather than a prescriptive model of teaching. We facilitate individuals, groups and educational establishments where there is a need to know more about SRE or how to teach it effectively.

Topics covered include: appropriate language relating to body parts and growing up, body image, changing friendships and relationships, gender stereotyping, puberty, consent, sexual orientation, sexting, LGBT, sexual activity and consequences, contraception and STI’s.

Teaching Lifeskills offer the following services in and around the South-East of UK:

  • SRE Provision and Policy review in consultation with key-stakeholders
  • SRE Needs Assessment and Analysis of year groups
  • Development and delivery of scheme of work informed by the above
  • Training and support to staff delivering SRE
  • Evaluation report following completion of a programme or workshop to account for learning in SRE
  • Information sessions to inform parents about schools’ SRE vision and provision
  • Delivery of SRE sessions and workshops:
  • Key Stage 1 & 2: Learning about the body and how to stay safe
  • Key Stage 2: Prepare for Puberty
    Key Stage 3: Puberty, Leavers Programme
  • Key stage 3 & 4: Contraception and STI’s, Leavers Programme
  • Parent seminars:
  • Bodies, Staying safe and Friendships skills
  • Let’s talk about Puberty
  • Guiding Teens in a Sexualised world