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Talking with your child about growing up

Do you know how or if SRE is taught at your child’s school? Do you consider yourself your child’s prime SRE educator?

When parents are empowered to become proactive SRE educators, they can support their child in building a safe and shared language to talk about bodies, relationships, and sexual health. This is key to enabling children and young people to discuss their concerns and make good choices as they become more independent.

Teaching Lifeskills run regular Parent Seminars which inform, equip and empower parents in a variety of topics relating to children and young people growing up. The feedback we get from parents after seminars are always positive and often relate to learning how to put SRE in the context of family beliefs and values.

Teaching Lifeskills run Parent Seminars on “Bodies, Staying safe and Friendships skills” “Let’s talk about Puberty” and “Guiding Teens in a Sexualised world”.

If you have an established group interested in particular SRE topics please do let us know so we can arrange for an appropriate course of seminars to suit your needs.

What participants say about the seminars:

“You are clear and concise in your approach which made us all feel relaxed and allowed for some very interesting and important topics to be discussed in a safe and comfortable atmosphere”
“Thank you, for demonstrating the need for tackling this positively from an early age, and the tools to start doing so”
“Yoan, I think that you make everyone feel comfortable, unembarrassed and able to talk freely. I really enjoyed all the sessions”